Military Helicopter Highway Swoops Over The Roof Of A Car! Sight you don’t see every day!

Imagine the confusion you would experience if a helicopter overtakes you on a public road. We are also confused at this Helicopter Highway incident. From the looks of it, this Ukrainian Mi-17 helicopter might be doing some kind of stealth flying practice. Because, when a pilot is able to fly low enough and hug the road, it will appear as some kind of a car on the radar. And this driver on a public road just got caught in the action. What a crazy Helicopter Highway maneuver. The Mi-17 swooped over the top of this car and also raced it along the highway at speeded up to 125 miles per hour! What an incredible footage.

This clip was recorded on a dashcam, and is showing the Ukrainian Mi-17 helicopter extreme overtaking maneuvers. And in this Helicopter Highway incident the helicopter manages to pass extremely close. Afterwards, it starts hovering in front of the vehicle and maintaining a smooth speed while flying 25 feet of the ground.

But it is not all in this helicopter highway incident! After it overtakes the first car, we can see from the driver`s dashcam how the chopper manages to overtake another car! After the overtake it continues to linger over it! We can also notice the driver is accelerating a bit in order to catch up. Who wouldn`t want to keep up though, this is definitely a sight you don`t see every day.

We mentioned that this pilot may be practicing low flying stealthy techniques, but that is unclear. Maybe the pilots are just having fun on the highway with this massive Ukrainian Mi-17 helicopter.

In this helicopter highway incident, the helicopter is flying along the road for a minute and half!
Incident or not, we must admit that this pilot is showing mad skills. He controls and maintains the rotorcraft at precisely the same distance from the ground.

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