Except for amazing muscle cars and other vehicles, on our website, we always reserve some space for amazing things and situations that appear impossible at first glance. This time, we have one not so ordinary helicopter that is flying without any problems, having in fact that it’s flying with no blades spinning! Already shocked? I guess you think that there is no helicopter with the ability like that, but after watching this video, you will get assured of its power. Any idea of how was that made?

You`re lucky that we are nice and that we do not want to tease you with some made-up scientific explanations on how everything happened. This is just one more prank made by some guys who, while shooting this footage, set the frame rate on an equal speed as the blades` spinning. And the result is the one that drags everyone`s attention: the blades appear immobile! However, if there is no camera work behind this interesting video, the theory is that a helicopter can fly without its blades spinning only a short period of time and there must be enough force so that everything can be pulled out.

By the way, professionals call this no blades spinning camera trick temporal aliasing, so I guess that next time you will not be so easily fooled by this type of videos.

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