Meet the “Balls Deep” –The Ford Cummins Truck! I Would Do Dirty Things to That Truck!

To tell you the truth, even though there are no specs about it, or at least some general info about what is under the hood, when we saw this awesome Ford pickup truck for the first time, we thought that it is ready to move the mountain.A  Cummins powered Ford truck that should run over (and through) the bounty hole like it`s battling the time on a drag strip during the quarter mile challenge.

But things are not always as they appear to be at first, and this pickup truck, made for `Balls Deep action` is the living proof of that! With a catchy name like that, we couldn`t resist not to share a video of this Ford Cummins truck with all of you guys here!
What we have here is one poor attempt of this (seemingly) ultra powerful mean truck, that was suppose to be an ultimate mud handler. We do not know how they came up with its nick name!  We could make a few wild guesses but we think that is suggesting that it should run through everything, all the way through, right? But it does not seem to be the case this time.

The first time, the poor thing could not pass even 15 yards, so it decided to give it a go once more. And even though the start was promising, by the end of the bounty hole, it simply got stuck and could not do it any more. What a waste. Take a look. We expected a bit more from the gutsy Ford Cummins truck, but it failed to deliver. Nonetheless, we still give a thumbs up to whoever named this vehicle “Balls Deep“! See it in action here and judge for yourself whether or not it is deserving of its name.



3 thoughts on “Meet the “Balls Deep” –The Ford Cummins Truck! I Would Do Dirty Things to That Truck!

  1. If only they woudl have kept powering through it, and had a taller lift on it they would not have got stuck… any truck set up like that, and driven that way would end up the same way…. {your Argument is Invalid}

  2. Balls deep was only 700hp then, and the pit runs from 2′ deep to 4′ no truck has made it though it, balls deep is always a competitive truck, with even more power this year.

  3. Mud butt

    Mudding is a fairly simple concept to understand. Have tall enough tires and enough horsepower to keep from getting stuck. Obviously if the mud is deeper than your axels, and eventually your frame, you will get stuck! If you have 19000 HP and 93 inch tires, well, chances are you wont be getting stuck most anywhere. Duh. For the setup, truck did very well…

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