Matt Hagan Just Got His First 3-Second Run at Las Vegas!

When it comes down to Matt Hagan, all those who were following NHRA National qualifying at Las Vegas Motor Speedway`s famous Strip last Sunday, could have seen that every lap matters a lot to the Championship. It produces an important bonus points for the whole team that has the chief Dickie venables and his assistant Michael Knudsen as their leaders. And Matt Hagan and his Mopar team have started that weekend with a third place on Friday night`s first session, before taking the seconds place later on.

But the video that you are about to see in the video bellow is from his race on Sunday, when Matt outdone himself and had one of the fastest races ever, achieving a sub-four seconds race and proving to the whole world what a great driver he is.

The conditions on the strip in Las Vegas were much cooler that night, and the Mopar team started to make a better result with each session, it seemed that everything was just right for a perfect score. And that is what happened. Matt Hagan had almost a perfect race and managed to get his fifth 3-second race in his career, and what a race it was! Final result is 3.983 seconds lap at 322 mph! Wow! I`m not going to bother you with any more words about it, just watch the video and see how this maestro is doing it!

Enjoy the video below!

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