2010 Mopar Dodge Challenger – Mixture of Mopar Performance Parts!

It was announced by Mopar Performance July 2010 the creation of their first branded car. This special 2010 Mopar Dodge Challenger is based on Challenger RT and it will be a combination between Mopar Performance parts, accessories and special touches with a T/A hoodscoop type that can provide cold air for the engine. Although the SRT8 is a mightier engine, which seems to be the goal for the 2010 Mopar Dodge Challenger turned out to be practical but limited edition, just as the T/A 1970 package, that been using a smaller block for more power.

The 2010 Mopar Dodge Challenger costs something under 40,000 dollars, which is similar to the R/T and SRT8 models, and it gave the critics the idea that the car should be equipped with more power under the hood. The 5.7 engine is the only option, and the black color too, but when it comes to transmission there is a choice between manual or automatic. Similar to the T/A `70, its predecessor, there is a couple of graphics packages including three different colors and the exterior trim is important too. 20 inch black chrome rims, standardized custom interior parts and a full kit of accessory memorabilia rounds pretty much the choice offered. A handling package with a Super Track kit is also included.


Three years passing after the first car was built and there is not a lot of Mopar from 2010 out there. Considering that in total there were only 600 Mopars built, out of which 500 were to remain in the U.S. with another 100 meant to head out to Canada, and the main reason of this is the bi delay in delivering the cars, on occasions they were waited for until mid-year 2011. They were ordered at the local dealer but the distribution was on a national level.

An older gentleman that decided to order a Mopar Challenger, went from South Carolina, Greer down to Georgia in Morrow, to a shop Landmark Dodge, because he was sure that Eddie Rosa and the Speedfactory crew had a `10 Mopar Challenger and wanted to get it before it gains a rarity status. It included a 36,00 miles/ three year warranty and as their records state, they only sold that one.

Instead of the 5.7 he purchased a Vortech V3 centrifugal intercooled supercharger, with larger injectors and even better fuel system. The engine produced 544 HP and even there was 100 HP more than the standard Mopar Challenger, the OEM 5.7 internal architecture had not been changed.

That had always been Travis Foster`s idea, to get a well modified Mopar instead of waiting for a new one. He previously had lots of Mopars and just had sold a`71 HEMI Barracuda 383.

The Speedfactory also had made changes to the suspension and the transmission, and he hopes to have a couple more modes installed in it as much as money and time allows. While he is waiting for the upgrades he rides and enjoys the attention that his ride is getting.

To own a new car in the market nowadays is not easy. But the hope lays in this `10 Mopar Challenger within his special touches and details. This one could be considered as one the breeds finest. And the fast that mister Foster is regularly driving it is a good start.

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