Jon Sibal’s Challenger SRT8!

Sit down, cause now we gonna have a chat about a real car guy, called Jon Sibal. He is the proud owner of many custom build vehicles, but the thing he is best known is his 2015 Mustang renders.

We gonna discuss his latest project -- the 2009 Challenger SRT8, which he won. Yeah, you heard us well. He won this baby on MSN design competition in 2008. Lucky guy, huh? For the purposes of this competition he designed iconic hot rod flames along with  matching stripes. It looks like, he won the hearts of the many. Nevertheless, the car got his updates shortly after the competition. The exhaust got new sound, new set of Coil Overs was also provided by H&R. The paint job, draw many attention on the streets and on car shows as well.

After its customization, the car got even meaner and devilish , due to its two tone matte black. An amazing Sequential Light kit and matte black billet aluminum fuel door assembly was also part of the new beastly look. The matte vintage gold wheels size 20-inch SSR SP1 and surely match the whole evil car scheme.



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