Lucky KID! Mini Pocket Bike – For His 6th Bday!

What did you get for your 6th birthday? What was it? A pair of socks, chocolate bar, or was it an ugly sweater? Well, you are only six years old what do you expect – a custom 49cc mini pocket bike that looks like 2007 GSXR 750?! YES!!! That is exactly what this kid got for his 6th birthday. He now spends his days doing burnouts on the streets thanks to his cool dad!

Turns out you can be a “bad” biker even if you are six years old. The mini pocket bike is stretched by 12 inches in order to look like a 2007 GSXR 750 – the bike that his old man rides! You know what they say – as father as son! These two fellers are having a little different `father and son time` than we are used to. But we have to admit that this kid simply looks cool and has the best birthday gift you could imagine.

Moreover, burnouts are no longer only for big, angry bikes, kids with motored pocket bikes can do them as well. It would be fun to see a contest between this kid and his father in near future!

Anyway, check out these pocket bikes here!