Watch This Kid Doing a Bike Wheelie Stunt! Next Superbike Champion?

Just a while back, I have reed an article that after the announcement of the retirement of two -- time World Superbike champion and the legend of American biking, Colin Edwards, the American riders in MOTO GP will become an endangered species. But the guy who was writing that story probably had not seen this little guy and the Wheelie Stunt video that we are presenting to you in today`s post.

It is one of the cutest and very inspiring videos you will see in a long time, especially when it comes to motorcycles and biking. I can not say anything less but that this little punk is amazing – he really got me out of my shoes. With a small (pocket), orange bike – according to his age and height – this kid is giving a real lesson on how to do a motorcycle wheelie. And he is doing it for almost half a minute.

Unfortunately we do not have any info about the identity of this kid, but I`m pretty much sure we are all going to hear about him very soon, probably in a couple of years (taking to an account that the video is also shot four years ago).

I should not be wasting any more words and bother you with other things, but will let you watch and enjoy the Wheelie Stunt video right away.

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Enjoy the video below!

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