Amazing Project – DO X 1929, WORLD’S LARGEST FLYING BOAT!

When it comes to the state of the art technology and various cutting edge projects, as much as we are proud and thrilled for living in technologically most advanced time and period of the existence of our civilization, it is a fact that there are some uniquely amazing and jaw-dropping projects that are coming from the previous century. I`m talking about certain mechanical excellences that are leaving us without any other choice but to look at it with an ultimate awe and respect. And our choice for today`s article is all that! Nothing less but one truly incredible flying machine that leaves us watching it with our mouths open… I`m talking about one of the most impressive flying machines in the entire aviation history, the world`s largest seaplane, known as DO X 1929!

130 feet in length, 33 feet tall, and with the wingspan of 156 feet, with an overall weight of 125 000 pounds. It was designed and constructed by Doctor Claude Dornier in 1924, and built in the period between the late 1925 and the mid 1929, in Germany.

This incredible flying mountain was powered by 12 engines, each one of them generating 640 HP, arranged atop of its big and powerful wings, which was something utterly advanced for those days. The DO X 1929 announced the era of the production of large capacity aircrafts, and it was the biggest example in the period between the two World Wars, with only the Russian Tupolev ANT-20 MAXIM GORKI overachieving its size, a few years later.

So, if you got intrigued to find out and learn more about this great machine from the past, take a look at the video clip below and enjoy watching the following ten minutes. And if that is not enough and you want to learn and see even more about it, go to this link.