LATE TO WORK? Take A Formula Race Car To Avoid Traffic!

Just imagine an everyday situation. You get up, right? Brush your teeth, put some clothes on. Then go downstairs, eat your cereals, have your coffee and off to work. However, on your way to work you hear something odd. A monster engine making noise from far away sounding like a Formula race car! The best thing about this is – IT`S REALLY AN F1 CAR!

Run With Formula race car A1GP Race Car Through The Traffic 4

Isn`t this amazing?! You are just riding in your car through traffic when all of the sudden, you see in the view mirror that a FORMULA 1 is behind you! What do you do in such a situation?! You get your phone to take a video of it, of course, because no one will believe you otherwise!!! That is exactly what happened to this guy!

Tickets to see a GP race is so expensive! People give a lot of money just to see a Formula race car to pass by them! We might have seen much in life, but this is amazing and we are sure this guy will remember it till the rest of his life! Well, everyone would if it was them on the sight, right?

However, this was probably planned for you can see many people on the bridge above waiting for the F1 car! If our memory serves us right, this was filmed for Top Gear in their episode. They did introduce the public with these race cars. But this Formula race car experience is really a top notch! It is a great experience all in all, we wish it could happen to us sometimes! It sounds so much better than the current F1 single turbo V6 engine! Take a look at this video and enjoy!

Finally, if you want to compare Formula 1 from 2013 and the ones from 2014, follow this link!