Lamborghini Gallardo vs Classic Ford Falcon GT! We Were Not Expecting This Result!

Highway racing has always been an interesting way to quickly settle who is faster! It can sometimes give us interesting results as well! Such is the case in this incredible video we are sharing with you! Check this race between a Lamborghini Gallardo and a Classic Ford Falcon GT! The Lamborghini Gallardo is an exotic car that is well known for its incredible performance! On the other hand, we have a classic Ford Falcon GT! It is an iconic racing car, created at Ford`s Australian subsidiary and has been on the racing scene for a while! Still, racing it against a Lamborghini Gallardo sounded a little bit overzealous. Imagine our surprise when we learned it is NOT! It might be a much older model than the Lamborghini Gallardo, but this Ford Falcon GT is no joke! As a matter of fact, it was capable of besting the exotic Gallardo! The lesson that should be learned from this race is simple. Don`t mess with the old school!

The driver of the Ford Falcon GT didn`t care that his opponent is driving a beast like the Lamborghini Gallardo! It made quick work of the Lambo like it was nothing! After hearing the sound of the engine, we had no doubt that the Ford Falcon GT is special! Even the drivers of the Lamborghini Gallardo admitted that the Ford is quite fast! That is quite a compliment from someone who owns a supercar! Nonetheless, we are glad the guy in the passenger`s seat decided to film the race! Even better, we are sharing it with everyone on this website! Make sure you press that play button and watch this incredible video! Enjoy the race between the Lamborghini Gallardo and the classic Ford Falcon GT!

Enjoy the video below!

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10 thoughts on “Lamborghini Gallardo vs Classic Ford Falcon GT! We Were Not Expecting This Result!

  1. killALLtires

    Now that right there is muscle baby! Lets see a lil chevy beats a lambo!

    1. rikity

      Falcon is a Ford

      1. Nick R

        Indeed it is, but a Falcon was also a model produced by Ford.

  2. Shawn Gracey


  3. Thomas

    I love ford but there is a problem when a Lamborghini can’t beat a ford but then again it’s not the car (Lamborghini) it’s the driver. Don’t drive a $250k car if you don’t know how to drive it.

  4. Richard

    sounds like another lsx conversion…..

  5. John

    What a stupid article and vid. This proves nothing. Go on a roadcourse and watch the ford get paddled. This car is good for slow cruising or only going fast in a straight line on dry pavement. Congrats.

  6. David

    Does anyone notice the cop passing at the 6 second mark going the other way?

  7. Mike

    First i see a supera smash on a Lamborghini, now a Ford Falcon.. Im starting to not want a Lamborghini. anymore.

    1. Johnny

      Don’t be disappointed Mike 🙂 These are just rare situations, I guess!

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