Lamborghini Gallardo Twin Turbo VS TT Lambos & TT Porsches!

This Lamborghini Gallardo twin turbo by Underground Racing produces one of the best car sounds in the world. Also joined by the 1550HP Mullet’s package this ride takes on the other TT Lambos and TT Porsches at the Texas Invitational in Dallas TX.

So, once again, you will have the chance of seeing Mullet`s TT Lamborghini Gallardo in action! This time it is going to race other TT Lamborghinis as well as some Porsches! So, let`s see how this 1500 horsepower Lambo handles its opponents! He is going to try out a lot of high performance cars at the Texas Invitational event held in Dallas! Among them is a Turbo Twin Porsche as well as another Turbo Twin Lamborghini! Check out the video and enjoy Mullet`s driving skills on one hand, and the high performance of its Lambo on the other hand! They`re All Yours!!!

At last, check out this amazing drag race!

Enjoy the video below!

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