Lamborghini GALLARDO Accident as it Gets Stuck in a Trench!

The video that you are about to see in today`s article is just another proof that having a great luxury sports car is not just for anyone, and that it is one thing to get one, and completely another one to drive it. You know how some of those luxury supercar manufacturers do not allow just anyone who has the money, to just go and buy some of their models (like the Ferrari for example, or Maserati), but they are asking for many other conditions to be fulfilled. Well, I think that knowing how to drive it should be the next one on the list! Here we have a Lamborghini Gallardo accident.

A guy is driving it on the track, and at the beginning it does not look all that bad, but sometime later, we can see him completely stuck in a trench, just outside the road. We cannot see how it happened, according to the video info, the road was very tight, and there was another car coming from the opposite direction. And in order not to scratch his awesome white Gallardo, he made way too big turn to the right, and ended up no the side, getting stuck!

Common man, get serious! Yes, it could happen to anyone, but anyone and everyone do not drive Lamborghini Gallardo! I think that he should better try his luck on Louisiana Mud Fest, not on a race track. Check out this Gallardo accident and tell me what you think about it!