CRAZY Wakeboarding + Ferrari F50 = HEAVEN! ANYONE?

Sometimes the only thing that one needs to give himself a great time is a wild imagination and just a little bit out of the box thinking in order to come up with a perfect plan to create something unique and original and to treat himself with an awesome CRAZY Wakeboarding. And if everything goes by the plan, the right thing to do would be to record it with a camera and show the world just how little is needed to have a great fun when you posses the abovementioned attributes.

Today we have prepared you one great video in which you will see a new way of how to perfectly use the great Ferrari F50 for something else rather than a drag racing, or some other `classic way` like flame throwing, trying to break the sound barrier, etcetera.

Our hero in the video has invented a great new way of `exploiting` the famous Italian luxury sports car, using that awesome Ferrari F50 in yellow to be dragged in the channel and perform all sorts of stunts.

So if this CRAZY Wakeboarding sounds appealing and interesting to you, than check out the video bellow and get inspired to do something new and original yourself.

Enjoy the video below!

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