KO2 Tires Survive 10.000 FEET AIR FALL! Best TIRES So Far!

In an everyday situation, we often talk to our friends or colleagues about tires. We talk about the ones we use, about their persistence, their strength as well as about their pros and cons. However, if you own KO2 tires, you probably wouldn`t know what to say about the cons! The guys from KO2 made a great test in order to prove KO2`s quality.

They simply dropped a tire from an airplane and waited for the results. No tire in the world would survive an air fall, but this one actually did, which is why we can proudly say that there is no better tire that the KO2! The guys spent two day in the Utah dessert dropping tires from an aircraft.

Tires were dropped from great height such as 10.000ft above the Earth! It was all about gravity versus tires. Well, we are glad to inform you that KO2 won this one as Gravity came out as a loser from this round! You should click on the video bellow and see the test. See how a KO2 tire came out as a winner from a direct clash with gravity!

Anyway, check out the rear tires on this Dodge here!