The true and genuine love and passion for most of the things in life, begins in the period when we are still toddlers. So when it comes to riding and driving, and of course, racing, it is no different. Not at all! And because we, the ultimate Gearheads, had all been there, we have decided to show you the following video clip that features great footages of an appealing and interesting children racing, one of them 4, and the other, just 2-years old.

There names are Makar Zheleznyak and Tima Kuleshov, and the only thing that we can tell you for sure is that they come from Eastern Europe. And as you have already found out from the title, these potential future pro-racers are having different choices when it comes to their rides. Makar is driving a cart, and Tima`s choice is one little bike.

Talking about the numbers and the specs about these rides is something for which there is no point, because this is mainly for fun. So, if you are intrigued to see how this great race circuit competition of children racing looks like, and perhaps go back in the days when you were doing similar things, racing with your childhood pals, check out the video below and have fun!

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