Jesse James Explains Why He Won’t Build a Motorbike for Sylvester Stallone!

One of the most famous custom motorcycles builder, Jesse James has made a lot of bikes for many celebrities, but he hasn’t a problem to turn down customer, even if they are famous superstars. This time he explains why he won`t build a motorbike for Sylvester Stallone! So, you will have a chance to share your thoughts with us if you agree with the statement of Jesse James that the reason was because Sly ordered a yellow bike or there is something else he doesn’t want us to know.

Jesse James Motorbike for Sylvester Stallone 2

As we all know Silvester Stalone is a great superstar and he has a lot of fans around the world and especially in the US, so I’m not so sure this was a right move by Jesse James. Also, I’m not sure if he should film this video where he inform his fans for the reason why he won’t build bikes for many famous people.

However, he explained his interesting challenge of building a custom motorbike for Shaquille O’Neal and he also explained that he builds motorcycles only for art.

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