Jesse James Goes Harsh On The American Chopper Boys!

There has been some tough competition between two similar shows on TV over the years. But, there were times when couple of our favorite TV hosts got involved in a conflict and it was difficult for us to choose whose side we should support. Whenever we talk about the American Chopper, the first thing that pops to our mind is the awesome custom bikes they used to make. But even this amazing show had an opponent and rival back in the days. Of course we are talking about none other than Jesse James.

Jesse James Goes Harsh On American Chopper 2

Hereby, we check out this video in which the one and only Jesse James go harsh on the American Chopper boys and the way they made money. Some find the video fairly controversial, which in fact is. It is controversial due to the fact that Jesse James in a way revealed the way Paul Jr. and Senior made money from their customers. He said that they just took their money and made bikes just with their customer`s initials or logo, whereas the bikes in fact were ugly. Back in the days, they had a competition in Vegas about whose bike was better.

In the video, Jesse is building that bike and spends some time talking about, according to him, the clowns from American Chopper. What do you think, do you remember the show where this awesome competition took place and if so, who was the winner according to you?

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