Yes, it does, and here is a proof of that! I believe that do not have to emphasize the legendary reputation of the Chevy Duramax trucks, their power and endurance abilities, in any special way. I mean, these powerful diesel trucks are real legends amongst all Americans who love trucks. But I guess even the mighty Duramax engine can sometimes get into trouble and is going to need some help to get it out! The following lifted Duramax example of everything above mentioned is going to show you one such an example, and I have some suspicions that Ford truck aficionados are going to enjoy it.

What we have here is some guys with trucks, going on an off-road adventure, and, they really get one which they won`t forget any time soon (at least one of them). The reason is because the `alpha truck of the pack`, a lifted Duramax is getting stuck in the mud, and of course, has a hard time pulling out of it.

But it would really be much better if you see the whole thing yourself. Afterwards, you can sound off your thoughts about it in the comment section below. And if you love watching trucks in the mud, go to this link and you will get plenty of it.