7-SECOND CHEVETTE Chevrolet Setting The Strip On Fire!

Everyone who knows at least a thing or two about drag racing, also knows well that the car really does not have to look attractive or intimidating, in order to be as fast as hell and to achieve incredibly great results on the strip. However, it is in people`s nature to look at things with attractive appearance and to focus their interest on them. But the car connoisseurs who are a little bit more self-aware, know well not to underestimate the vehicles that do not leave any big impression with their exterior. And the video that you are going to see in just a few moments is the best example of everything above mentioned. It is one small and modest looking Chevette Chevrolet , but with a real fire breathing setup under the hood (in its case, this is said only figuratively).

This small but very fast car has been through a lot of modifications in order to come to this state. Amongst the other things, there is a huge, 555 cubic inch Twin Turbo engine that is boosting about 1 500 HP (it`s not official, because the owner never took it to the dyno). But the most impressive feature about the Chevette Chevrolet is that it manages to break into the 7-second barrier and run a pass under 8 seconds. And that is impressive!

Just have a look at the video below and see it in action yourself! And if this got you interested in you want to find out something more about this car, go to this link.