1500HP Twin Turbo Ford GT! This BLACK MAMBA Is Invincible!

It is maybe still young to call this car an icon, but some would agree. The Ford GT causes sighs wherever it shows up. Especially, when it is on an open road, ready to present what it has got. That is for the stock version. In this video, we are talking about a twin turbo Ford GT with 1500 horsepower. Massive! As a result, this car makes it difficult to record it, because it disappears in no time. When the driver presses the gas pedal it makes you feel really, really good. You will know what we are talking about, when you will see the video.

Later on, the driver explains how fast he has gone so far. To save you some time, he said 196 MPH. Not bad, not bad at all! Why? Because this monster has nitrous bottles in the back, but the driver is not using them! We enjoy watching this video. Imagine the feeling if you had the chance of just entering in this twin turbo Ford GT, let alone driving it. We hope you will enjoy too, because there are things to be seen.

At last, click here to see one Ford GT overtaking another vehicle at 200 miles per hour!