Is The TOUAREG Volkswagen Eligible For a 80% STEEP HILL?

A German SUV recorded at a German Motor Show. There is no better way than to show what you got playing on the home field. It is a question of probably the biggest Motor Show on the Planet – the Frankfurt Motor Show! Also, this Motor Show has an interesting trait, than means in the odd-numbered years passenger vehicles are displayed and in the even-numbered the commercial ones. Anyway, let`s focus on what we have here. It is maybe the best SUV ever produced by a German manufacturer. The TOUAREG Volkswagen!

We have the chance to see it showing what it can do best! Going up the hill! However, this is not a little bump. This grade is 80 percent inclined, almost 40 degrees! A real impediment! But that is not an issue for this SUV! It eats it for breakfast! The driver puts the TOUAREG Volkswagen to the maximum, showing the full performance by stopping at several points. It stops three times, making you feel that it is going to flip over any moment! Of course, that doesn`t happen. The most impressive thing for us was when the car stood still on top of the grade and finished climbing without a problem! BRAVO!

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