1957 Chevy Bel Air vs Motorcycle! That Thing Pulls Like a DEMON! Insanely Fast!

Street racing is probably the coolest thing mankind had invented, we really mean that! It is very cool when people know their limits and not take things too far! For many years now, people have gone out with their rides, driven around the block or city and looking for competitors! Usually we find someone with a car similar to ours with almost the same horsepower and engine! Than we go! However, this time we are going to show this fantastic race between a 1957 Chevy Bel Air vs Motorcycle! This mixed race as some call it got everyone`s eyes wide opened and jaws dropped! And the one to blame for it is the 57 Chevrolet Bel Air since that one was insanely fast as it left the motorbike way behind! Although it did not seem that way on first sight, but the underdog and front runner switched positions at once!

Actually, we know the deal behind the super-fast second generation of 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air! The thing it holds under the hood is mad – P1SC Procharged Chevrolet crate 572! Allegedly, that was enough for the old timer to be gone in less than 60 seconds! Maybe the motorcycle driver is not good enough, but the 1957 Chevy Bel Air vs Motorcycle race was over in no time! Anyway, we must say that we are touched and very happy to see that there are still old school enthusiasts that still care about the old timers and do not spare money and time to save them and improve them! The 57 Chevy Bel Air owner deserves our respect as the race looked like the biker was standing still!

Finally, if you want to see the history of the 1957 Chevy Bel Air through pictures, follow this link!


43 thoughts on “1957 Chevy Bel Air vs Motorcycle! That Thing Pulls Like a DEMON! Insanely Fast!

  1. Maximilian

    I am a motor bikes rider it is impossible that ther is a car how can past a bike on a start I tried with a lot no wayyyy!!!

    1. admin

      I thought the same before I saw this INSANE 1957 Chevy Bel Air 🙂

      1. Mike

        Yeah, this is a 600cc sport bike. Try that against a zx 14 or a Hayabusa. Game over


        1. enjnman

          game over

        2. Rocco

          Ok put your bike up against a Hennessy venom gt a car that goes 0-100 in 2.4 seconds it is possible

        3. jim adams

          Slow bike? The 57 is pulling close to two tons, and it was losing traction half way down the street. On Slicks, from a dead stop, the 57 would take the hiabusa and gsx in the 1/8 mile.

      2. Justin

        I love my bikes but there is plenty of cars much faster. Of course most times its a stock bike vs a 100,000$ car tho so in theory we still win 🙂

        1. Ron

          no you lose in theory and race, suck it up 2 wheeler

    2. Jean-Francois

      You have a lot of things to learn…..

    3. Eray Arslan

      That car does a 6 second time in a quarter mile drag race. Bikers always think they are the fastest, so this should be a good wake up call…

  2. johnny hopper

    Smoked by a car, happened to me too but I ride a harley.

  3. Jesus


  4. tony

    What did you expect from a twin cylinder 500cc sissy bike??
    put something with nut like a gsxr 1000 against that hot rod and see what happens.

  5. nunya

    Gotta agree. That’s a vtwin sv650. They’re not very fast. Nice car and all, but not much to beat an sv…

  6. Nispe

    The rider may have just used better judgement and decided to not pin it through that kinda road.
    Tickets or another car pulling out would end that rider, my guess is although he may have been on a lower horsepower bike he simply saw where it was going and used his better judgement not to take it there.

  7. brandonk1

    It’s probably just a 20th wimp bike for that car to pull away like that. The bike even sounded like my little sisters bike

    1. brandonk1

      Whoops 250cc bike

  8. matthew krueger

    That is a 6 second Bal air.. All you sport bike guys don’t know what you’re talking about. Unless you have a drag bike there isn’t a stock bike that will beat that car

    1. Adam Torrens

      BMW HP4 give it the best shot standered

    2. steven

      he might barely pull on my r1 in the1/4 mile but he’ll lose by the1/2 he’ll run out of gearing so fast he’d blow his motor trying to even get half way through the next1/8th for i passed the1/2

  9. Keith Sawatsky

    That 57 Chev is good for 6.13 in a 1/4 mile.

    1. bruce cordle

      Its not a 6:13 1/4 mile car but it did not need to be. Larry Larson has the fastest 1/4 mile time in the world for a street car and that is 6:16 from about a week ago. That 57 was about a 9 second car at best but that is plenty as you could see. Was that Lackman road in Lenexa Kansas?

      1. Rocco

        No a Toyota supra owns the fastest drag time at 6.04 seconds at 307 Mph getget your facts right

        1. david

          No larry larson does in a s10. I was there get(get) your facts right

  10. Aaron

    I agree with everyone saying that is a quick car. I rode a 08Zx6r with 130HP and 175mph tops..it was quick. Even the zx14 or the riderz choice busa wouldn’t stand a chance against that car…stock zx14s still only run 9’s and the lightly tuned ones still only run mid 8’s. Only a pure drag bike would even possibly keep up. That car had well over 1,000hp…possibly in the 1500 range or more.. The Sv650 twin will only reach 140mph tops so that was a waste of time.

  11. There are very few 6 second 1/4 mile Street cars. This 57 might go 6 in 1/8 mile

  12. mdmead

    Bikes are fast, but not always quick. Traction is an issue. If you can’t hook up, you aren’t going to win a drag race.

  13. billybob

    Bike guys, its called power to weight ratio. Even if is a 650, they are still quick. Plus they are in the power a lot quicker then a big heavy car like this. For a ’57 to have the power to weight ratio of a 1000 cc bike, it would need to be tubbed to hook up. Very nice , very quick car.

    1. They make chassis for 55-57 Chevy by art Morrison that make them light and perform like a corvette !!!!!

  14. jexo

    I’ll bet my silverado could beat it

  15. chris

    yeah the cars obviously got some work in it. although it is not too hard to make one faster than a 600cc/100hp bike. those are the type I hunt on my Harley lol impressive no doubt

    1. Johnny

      Thanks for your feedback. Feel free to share photos of your Harley 🙂

  16. onlymeyea

    comparing apples to oranges……
    If u put money into a car it should b the same for a bike….. I have a 08 zx10r now it’s upgraded but even stock I destroyed tons of cars exotic to done up ricers v6 turbos n v8 supercharged cars….. for any car to do less then 9 u gotta put some decent cash into it …. if ur doing anything less then 9s well ur dedicating a good amount of money into it….. give me 10gs I’ll eat probably almost all of u if ur running off straight gas….

    1. Johnny

      Thanks for your comment Onlymeyea! Feel free to share some pictures or maybe videos of your bike with us 🙂

  17. Williams

    Laughing at this video and the comments! A lot of car guys who know nothing about bikes. That race was equivalent to a z06 racing a volkswagen! A stock 1000cc sportbike with a good rider can manage 9 seconds in a 1/4 mile run and do 0 to 60mph in a few ticks over 2 seconds. A fairly mildly prepped one with no engine work can drop into the 8s, prep one to the degree that car is and there would be no contest. That was just a little sv650, by no means a fast bike, it’s starter bike for someone who just started. Nice 57 though!

    1. Johnny

      That is definitely a nice ’57 🙂 Thanks for your feedback Williams!

  18. Mark

    Very quick Chevy but, to be fair, the Suzuki SV is a very slow bike!

    1. Johnny

      Right you are Mark! We are waiting for the video where a decent rival will confront with this Chevy beast 🙂

  19. Alb247

    I just saw a video of Volkswagen rabbit that did a 8.3s 1/4 mile. It had a 0 – 100mph time of 1.7 seconds. No bike besides a drag bike can compete with that. The Volkswagen in the video I watched botched the start and probably could’ve pulled a 7 second 1/4. Cars > bikes.

  20. Arno

    The biker was a good sport, Thumbs up.

  21. David

    It was a Suzuki SV! Isn’t that fast but i recognize that the car almost fly!! Insane

  22. Peete

    lol hahaha
    next time looser check the rear wheels on the car you wanna beat then you will not be smoked by a drag car

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