INSANE DRAG RACE: The BODY Ending Up Flying Off Of The Frantic Ford!

Check this INSANE DRAG RACE! The BODY Ending Up Flying Off Of The Frantic Ford and his opponent with nitro-burning ’68 Camaro, Bruce Larson tagged the wall early on!

A nice warm day, suitable for racing but if it`s not your day, there is nothing you can do. Like these two drivers here, Rocky Pirrone driving the yellow Frantic Ford and Bruce Larson in the white USA-1 Camaro. They simply were not lucky enough with this race. At the beginning everything was going smoothly, as it should. Announcing the drivers, revving engines, tire burning, you know, ordinary stuff. Nobody could predict that a mishap is going to happen. Right after the start the USA-1 Camaro loses control and hits the wall, while the Frantic Ford goes all the way to the end but the body ends up in the air! At the end, no one was hurt, except the body of the Frantic Ford …

Enjoy the video below!

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