IMAGINE Finding A BRAND NEW 1985 Camaro Z28 & 1970 RoadRunner After 25 Years! Awesome BARN FIND!

Don`t you just love the barn find phenomenon? Did you know that America is know all around the world for this? Yes, that is true. People all around the world keep talking about Amrican finding cool cars in abandoned barns such as a 1985 Camaro Z28 and a 1970 RoadRunner from this video! This culture thing really fascinates us and we find it cool! However, the video we are about to present to you is a bit different than the other barn find videos we`ve posted. The 1985 Camaro Z28 is not an old chassis which can only be used for a project or a build. This one is BRAND NEW and barely touched! It even has the label on it! The 1970 RoadRunner is a bit different story, but it is in great condition non the less!

This absolutely awesome  BRAND NEW 1985 Camaro Z28 Sport Coupe was found in an abandoned semi trailer, that was even that even had no locks on it!

This beauty was found inside together with some old 1970 RoadRunner under a blanket of dust! As can be seen on the video the Chevy Camaro Z28 has still the original window sticker on the window and the dealership wrapping on the steering wheel and the seats.
The guys were pretty excited in the video. And how could not they be? They found a gold mine inside a trailer of a semi truck! We tell you, we have seen thousands of barn finds over the years! Some had up to 200 classic cars, some were worth millions! But, there is something special in this one that takes the breath away from many car enthusiasts!

If you are looking for some barn finds go to this great website HERE!

Talk about awesome barn find here! What car would you choose from those 2?


20 thoughts on “IMAGINE Finding A BRAND NEW 1985 Camaro Z28 & 1970 RoadRunner After 25 Years! Awesome BARN FIND!

  1. Beech50

    Most like it was stolen for the wheels and hidden in the truck.

    1. Steven Murphy

      I thought that too….but only 4.3 miles on it. Maybe they snatched it with a tow truck? It was left in neutral, but how?

  2. Beech50

    Most likely it was stolen for the wheels and hidden in the truck.

  3. peter bisher

    I want this camaro

  4. Chris Sullivan.

    Nice barn find I wish I could come across some like that and had the money to buy them. Awesome finding brand new cars after all these years

  5. michael fisher

    Truly awesome barn find ….con grats

  6. Bad Article

    This was from back in 2008. Guy sold it for $27k at Mecum a while back.

  7. Jcdew

    The 70 is a awesome find,the 85 not that much.I have a 1987 Firebird sitting in the back of my barn,they don’t make those anymore.

    1. TM

      You’re right, they stopped making 87 Firebirds in around 1987

  8. I wonder what happen to the Mopar that was in front of the Camaro ?

  9. Saad Elsadek

    what a nice surprise after all these years

  10. jesus garcia

    I would take my favorite car too the camaro

  11. unclemoses

    wheres the factory mag where ??

  12. danny

    for the ones that think it was stolen if you would have seen the story on it the person purchased it brand new and put it in the trailer!

    1. Randy

      If the original owner bought it and left it all wrapped up and everything then why did he take the factory wheels off to put those on, and with mismatched tires!?

  13. gary c

    All it takes is an engine and chassis number check to find out .

  14. Karl Sachsenheimer

    That thing would leak like a sieve. Who cares about this junk. It was junk when it was new and is damn sure junk now.

  15. What moron stores a new car in a hot trailer? for what reason? its now a pile of worthless …., that will require at least 5 grand to make road worthy. them whats it realy worth after that?

  16. Kage87Z

    Sorry, but it’s hardly a “gold mine.”

    I own an 85 Z28. WIth a 305 CI boat anchor engine (215 HP) and T-tops, it’s not unlike finding an old, unopened can of beer.

    I stuffed a 383 stroker, a T350 and a 4.10 rear end in it. It’s race only.

    It obviously has some power as an oddity, but it’s worth very little, relatively speaking.

    1. Johnny

      Wow… That’s awesome 🙂 For us it is worth millions! Do you have any videos?

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