I firmly believe that most of us have heard about one of the Murphy Law expressions which says that “If something can go the wrong way, it sure will”, right? Yes, almost all of us know it, but rare are the ones who actually believe in it, or at least taking it into a serious consideration. Especially in the moments when we are doing some important stuff, that means a lot to us! But in the case of this sharp looking, 3000 HP Corvette that has appeared at the Texas Half-Mile Event, and performed at the WannaGOFAST, together with its smaller sibling that is boosting `just` 1 600 HP, the Murphy Law turned out to be very precise! Both of these awesome and street-legal race beasts are tuning products of the KP Racing and Kelly Bise, and are equipped with Twin Turbo setups under the hood. But naturally, the focus of the audience was at the hotter version, for obvious reasons.

So, even in the first day, it was clear that the driver is having some problems controlling that powerful `Vette, but nevertheless, he appeared at the track the next day for the 200 mph attempt. And it was then, in the moments when he was about to complete the half-mile run, the 3 000 HP beasts began losing grip, started to slide, and even went a little bit airborne. But thanks to the driver`s good reflexes, in a combo with the luck, everything settled just fined and nobody got hurt.

But you better have a look at the 3000 HP Corvette footage below and see the whole scene yourself! And for those of you who are interested to get more info about the Texas WannaGOFAST, go to this link.