3000HP Pure Dirt Racing Greatness & Adrenalin Rush! Footage From Outlaw Pro Stock and Open Paddles!

If you are into ultra fascinating dirt racers and extremely powerful and mighty engines, than the video that you are about to see bellow would be a real bullseye for you. Because what we have here is a video compilation with some of the best moments and machines from the Outlaw Pro Stock on the Fast Track. Believe us when we tell you that these things look just like the muscle cars on a drag strip, also battling with the time. Get ready to see clouds of dirt rising after these super powerful dirt racers start driving! In this video, we are shown the 5 best results on the Outlaw Pro Stock. The best result on the 200 feet long track was an incredible 2.261 seconds! However, it didn`t end here! After the Outlaw Pro Stock finished, it was time for the Open Paddles classes to start!

The dragsters partaking in this event were even faster than the ones in the Outlaw Pro Stock! One of the small number of differences (except the obvious ones) is that here, most of these rigs are having motors that are generating around 3000 horsepower and even more and despite all that metal all over, they all look pretty impressive on the outside as well. So, you will have a chance too see these 4WD dragsters from the Open Paddles classes, flying down a 200′ track unbelievably fast as first place is even under 2 seconds. If you ever need to escape from a guy like Flash Gordon, this would be the vehicle to do it. After all, a dragster that can pass 200 feet in 1.907 seconds is something even Flash Gordon would find impressive! But for now, just relax and enjoy the video with some of the fastest rigs in the world.

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Enjoy the video below!

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