Hyundai Electric Car to Be Unveiled in the USA!

Hyundai Concept Blue electric car usa

Battery power has always been a controversial issue for Hyundai. However, apparently there is no more doubt and the company seems to be getting ready for launching its first battery electric vehicle on the US market. However, this is not the first battery electric vehicle of Hyundai. BlueOn is such vehicle that can be found on the market in South Korea. In order to stay in line with other car producers, Hyundai Motors America may be right to consider such option.

Fuel Cell or Electric Battery Car?

Mr. John Krafcik, chief executive of HMA said that the company tries to reduce CO2 emissions with fuel engines even though they are certainly making plans for having a battery electric vehicle in their offer. When battery electric vehicles are in question there is a wide range of options from hybrid cars to full battery electric vehicles. Hyundai Sonata and Hyundai Elantra have hybrid versions available on the US market. However, Hyundai is expected to pay more attention to his.

Sooner or later California will star tto ask for these zero-emission vehicles (ZEV). As a matter of fact there are already some that have emerged on the market such as Toyota RAV4-- EV, Ford Focus EV, Chevrolet Spark EV, Honda Fit EV and Tesla Model S. Concerning this issue Hyundai said that it will certainly make an attempt and start with the fuel cell approach. These types of cars use hydrogen oxygen that make the vehicle move and are also known as “refillable batteries”. Hyundai`s ix35 has its hydrogen-powered version and is now available on the European market, while the fuel cell Tuscon is about to enter the market. Understandably, these vehicles have advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that hydrogen can be refilled, but the problem is that there are very few stations for that. Therefore in future, Hyundai will have to pay more attention to battery cars, even though there are not flawless, too.

Electric Cars Generates High Cost?

Fact is that building a battery electric vehicle costs a lot. Manufacturers say that they have to bare a lot of added value. The statement of the CEO of Fiat/Chrysler confirms that with the fact that the company will have a 10,000 dollar hit with every Fiat 500e bought in California. Therefore there is an extremely small number of cars like this including Tesla Model S and Nissan Leaf that can be seen rolling around CA. However, when other states accept the same regulations as California, then car producers, including Hyundai will try to expand this market further.

BlueOn Electric Car by Hyundai!

Hyundai already has an electric car called BlueOn available on the Korean market. Therefore, expanding this product on the American market should not be a problem. BlueOn features lithium polymer battery with 16.4 kilowatts per hour, it goes 90 miles on full charge and develops maximum speed of 80 mph. It goes from zero to 60 in 13.1 seconds. The first version of the vehicle was based on i10 and was officially introduced to the general public in 2009, at the Frankfurt Motor Show. However, it started to be produced last year.

It would be logical for Hyundai to introduce the BlueOn to USA`s market, but would it be smart? Due to its speed boundaries, it may end up like Mitsubishi i-MiEV and have a low selling rate. However, Hyundai may turn to electric cars regardless of whether it is going to be a modified version of BlueOn or a completely different model. Nevertheless, we will have to wait and see since Hyundai`s representatives still keep silent regarding this topic.

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