Find Out Everything About The HYDRAULIC TORQUE WRENCH OPERATION! Greatest Tool Ever!

Hydraulic torque wrenches are designed to tighten or loosen fasteners which require large amounts of force to achieve the proper preload. In contrast of hydraulic tensioning devices which directly stretch a bolt, these wrenches apply a turning force or torque to a nut or bolt head. This causes the bolt thread to advance. Some hydraulic torque wrenches use impact sockets. On the other hand, clearance wrenches use interchangeable heads for different nuts sizes. This video describes the hydraulic torque wrench operation that will definitely blow your mind. This system consists of a wrench body, sockets or heads and a source of hydraulic pressure.

Systems may vary, so it is important to use the specific operating instructions for the wrench and pump that you are using. Make sure that all parts of the system meet the specifications of the wrench manufacturer. Inspect all components for damage before use. To begin, inspect the hoses and make sure that the fittings are clean and tight. Dirt and debris in the system may damage the pump, valves or wrench. Loose fittings may leak or burst. If a leak occurs, shut off the pump and depressurize the system. Make sure to watch the video below and see how the hydraulic torque wrench operation works.

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