HUGE V12 DIESEL ENGINE Startup, Idling & Revving Sound!

Once again, a video from Russia. We do not stress this as a negative thing. In fact, quite the contrary. You have seen numerous great videos here on our web site recorded from people from all over the world, not just from Russia. You are about to see an engine, a tank engine probably, due to its size. It might had been used in a Russian war tank and it will make you reconsider and research after watching it. This mighty V12 DIESEL ENGINE won`t leave you nonchalant, we can guarantee you!

Let us give an advice: do not let the first impression trick you, it looks like an old useless engine, but after these guys succeeded in starting the engine the sound is nothing that you`ve been expecting! Stunning idling and revving sounds! It truly purrs like a kitten! This engine is definitely still usable and we are wondering what is the intention of these guys regarding the engine? The cigarette ashes at the beginning probably helped in starting the engine! You don`t get what we are talking about?! Watch the video and find out!

Plus, visit this link to see the world’s smallest V12 engine ever made. Is this the wonder of modern engineering?!