I firmly believe that there are many amongst you who are well familiar with those funny looking motorcycles called the motorized drift trike, and quite aware just what a fun these cool looking machines can be when it comes to drifting. As a matter of fact, they would be at the very top of any list of drift-machines, and of course, especially when it comes to motorcycles.

And even though you can buy one without much of a trouble, you are probably aware that it would not be quite as powerful and fun as the one that you can make in your own garage, customized according to your needs, wishes, and so on…

Thus, today we have prepared for you the following video clip that is going to show you how to make one great motorized drift trike, that will make all your drifting fun dreams come true. Beginning with the engine, the frame, the tools you need…in other words, the guy in video will show you pretty much all that you`ll need.

And if you have been following us regularly, then you had probably seen some of the clips with the motorized drift trike that we have shown you before, so you know that this is something highly intriguing which every drifting aficionado should see.

Therefore, check out the video and learn a thing or two about this subject, and you might find yourself on a way of having one such ultimate drift-fun machine yourself! And for more information and instructions on this subject, go to this link.