ULTIMATE DRIFTING FUN With Club FR – Drift Day 55 & 56!

Hello my dear fellow drifting aficionados. Here we go with another one exciting drift clip that will give an adrenaline rush to all of you who enjoy watching great drift-videos. And as you know it well, we, at the Musclecarszone.com, are always trying to keep you updated with the latest events and the best action that is taking place anywhere in the world. So that is how we had come up with the following video from the 55th and 56th day of the Club FR drifting event, in which we firmly believe that you are going to enjoy all the way.

Those of you who are following us regularly, know well that this surely is not the first video that shows us an event from the ClubFR season. And just as all of the others before, this one is also fulfilled with thrilling drift-action, by some of the best drifters from the entire Midwest. And just as above mentioned, the following video is actually a summary of the 55th and 56th day of the Club FR Drift Day, which was held in USAIR in Shawano, Wisconsin.

So, if you got intrigued to see how the things went, and you feel like you are in the mood for an exciting 6+ minute of drifting session with various muscle monsters, Nisan Skyline GTR examples and many other, check out the video and enjoy every moment of it! And if you want to find out something more about the ClubFR, go to this link.