Drag Racing School Bus Will Make Sure You’ll Never Late!

Here we go with a drag race that we do not get to see very often! As you could have read in the title, it is a drag strip face off between two busses which is taking place down in Puerto Rico, which would not be a first time that we get to see something totally crazy and fast as hell coming from this small island. And not just that it features two busses, but they both look great, sound appealing and of course, they are very fast! The yellow one is a drag racing school bus and the blue one is something similar, but I do not believe it actually has children driving in it. Can you imagine school kids inside one of these? Well, at least you can be always sure that they will make it on time for their classes, and probably would not mind going to school in a bus!

Apparently Puerto Ricans love these types of races, and to tell you the truth, after watching this video, I can see why is that. So without further adieu (we do not have any info what are these busses packing), check out the video and tell us what you think about the drag racing school bus in the comment section below!

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