Drag Race Challenge in Puerto Rico: Dump Truck Vs El Patron Del Mal!

Does not this sound awesome or what? A tuned up monster truck called El Patron is being challenged on a drag strip by a Dump Truck, called El Chacal and the battle is really tight to the very end!

There is something special when you have two vehicles facing each other on the drag strip, similar and at the same time completely different in great number of aspects. That is how we can nearly try to begin explaining the video of this drag race in Puerto Rico you are about to see.

Similar in size and power, this two monsters have a different status to begin with, but it is more than obvious that both of them are highly tuned up – the final result is clearly showing that. The race is very close and tight from start to the finish and the small difference in the numbers of the achieved result should not be a surprise. El Patron does 10.41 seconds and the Dump truck, El Chacal is only a split moment behind with 10.56 seconds.

This really an awesome video and I think you are going to enjoy it all the way.

Enjoy the video below!

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