Police Chases HUGE Yellow Dump Truck On The Open Highway!

Usually, scenes like this one is something that we see on the big silver screen in some of those well known Hollywood action blockbusters, when we go out to the cinema to have fun. But how would you feel if you are riding on the highway with your brand new Ford Mustang, or some jaw-dropping import that you have just bought, so you are watching with extreme caution not to damage it in anyway, and see a several dozens ton monster driving towards you? What if you saw a police car chasing a yellow dump truck?

Well, I don`t think you`ll be excited as you would have been watching an action movie. As a matter of fact, I think that you would feel the true meaning of the Steven Spielberg`s film “Duel” (from which we had shown you a video some time ago).

But let`s get serious for a minute and concentrate on the content of the following video that you are going to see in a moment. A crazy guy decided that it would be quite a fun to take this gigantic, 53 tons yellow dump truck for a joyride on the highway, and make everyone driving right next to it, feel the full horror. The worst thing in the whole process was that even though the cops were there on time, they couldn`t do much about it, for obvious reasons. Luckily, even monster trucks like this one has to run out of gas at some point and stop.

And that is exactly what happened here, and fortunately, the guy wasn`t as crazy as he (or someone else) could have been, so nobody was hurt in those four hours of his joyride.

But you better check out the video below and see how this bizarre and dangerous scene looked like with your own eyes. And if you want to read and see pictures of another similar incident with a dumper truck that happened overseas, with much worse consequences, click here.