I know that I really do not have to stress the fact that most of us, the Gearheads, are not very fond of any ride that is powered by an electric motor. The reasons could be ranging between a few features, but among the most common are our romantic connection with the sound that the petrol (or diesel) engine is producing and that simply cannot be reproduced by any electric motor, then there is the speed (even though, the last years, models like the Tesla Model S P85 had proven that this is an issue that can easily be solved) and a few others… like this STEALTH BOMBER ELECTRIC BIKE! But read on…

However, one really has to be a hardcore traditionalist and regressive and conservative character, not to be able to see that the electric engines are the future of the Automoto world. My view on this is that they should be definitely applied more for the `regular people`, who are not driving Detroit muscles like 1968 Dodge Charger, or some of the new beasts, like the new Chevy Camaro, for example. Because, after all, they are only a very small percentage of all the rides that can be seen on the roads and highways.

But that is just me, you do not have to agree with my opinion, of course. And the reason why I`m saying it is because today we have prepared for you an interesting video of a guy from Russia, who is showing us just how great a ride in STEALTH BOMBER ELECTRIC BIKE, powered by an electric engine, can be!

Just have a look at the footage below and see it through the eyes of the man behind the wheel. You will see that it is quite a respectable machine! And if you are interested in seeing which are the best electric and hybrid cars currently on the market, click here.