Hillbilly Drag Racing Gone Bad as Chevy Chevelle is Exploding!

It is not that we are prejudiced type of guys, but we have seen so many times something going wrong during a Hillbilly drag racing contest (no matter if it is a bounty hole, drag race, truck pulling battle…), it seems like there is nothing that can surprise us. It is not like some of those things cannot happen to any other place, but I guess there is some king of a bad karma in certain places, or it is just the way hillbillies do things, so we see bad things happening very often.

This one is coming from the Wildcat Dragstrip, when the driver George Rays in Chevy Chevelle is doing pretty well, taking the lead and heading towards the finish line pretty firm and steady, when all of a sudden, his Chevelle explodes, and the race is over for him. Luckily, George got out of the car uninjured and in a good shape, and that is the moment when we see one of the `specialties` of hillbilly drag racing. We see him dressed up only in shorts and a T-shirt, with no helmet on, or any of the other equipment which is a standard gear for any drag racer.

Just watch the video and see how this whole thing looks like, and later we would really like to hear your opinion about it in the comment section below. So go ahead and check it out. And if you want to see other hillbilly videos with all kinds of crazy stuff, like crashes, wheelstands, go to this link.