Here’s A Real Beauty! FORD GT40 At The Spa Francorchanps Circut!

Here we go with a video clip that will be a real treat and a bulls-eye for all those who consider themselves as true fans of one of the most iconic American muscle cars, the Ford GT40. It is a footage that is coming from across the Atlantic, where this great example of Ford GT40 had been spotted at the Spa Francorchanps circuit, which is the main venue of the Formula One Grand Prix in Belgium.

We do not have the info about this Ford GT40 and its specs, or what was the reason for its participation in the SPA-Francorchamps circuit, but regardless of that, I really think that all of you are going to enjoy the following three and a half minutes. First, listening to that one and only V8 engine sound, and then watching this awesome car being pushed to the limit, as it`s running through the curves and shows off its beauty and power!

So without further adieu, just check out the video below and enjoy the Ford GT40 show! And if you want to read an interesting article about it and find out something new, go to this link.