If the British have their secret agent 007, James Bond, the American version (or answer, however you prefer it) of the super-skillful and ultra-talented spy that is capable of doing almost everything that we, the mortals, can only dream about, is Ethan Hunt. If you ask me, when more than 10 years ago the famous Hollywood star, Tom Cruise, decided to embody the character of the TV series from the late 60s and early 70s, it was the best decision he could have made, as far as an action role goes. The world has gained a new, (probably) more down to earth version of James Bond, who is teamed up with real people and who is driving and riding real fast cars and powerful and attractive bikes. From what we could have found out about the fifth part of the new Mission Impossible saga, we are going to see Ethan Hunt and the entire team from “Ghost Protocol” in action again in wild car chases, breath taking and fulfilled with adrenaline rush bike stunts, and much, much more. Just as we are all expecting it from such a movie.

So, the video that we have prepared for you in this article should give you a little taste of what we are going to see in the new Mission Impossible, as its premier is officially announced for July (even though there are rumors that it could happen before). So check it out and enjoy it. And if you want to learn more about the BMW bike that Tom Cruise is riding in the film, click here.