GENERAL LEE’S CHARGER vs BANDIT Trans AM! Two of the Most Famous Cars EVER in a CAR CHASE! Anyone?

General Lee takes the stage again, but this time the legendary car meets an already known opponent -- The Bandit Trans Am. These two most famous cars of all time do the best chase ever, that will leave no one indifferent. Moreover, the breathtaking action on and off road,  shows the performance and experience that only these brands can offer, so I bet that after watching this video you will have a look at the online listings in order to find your retro beast.

Experts will always have difficulties to compare these two cars, but one thing is sure -- no matter which one is your favorite, these vehicles represents the best period of the 70’s and they will always remind us of some childhood memories. All three: Firebirds, Mustangs and Chargers are beautiful classics that overcome the specifications of any late model Mopar, GM or Ford.

That is why you should check out this amazing chase between these classics. Both are built brilliantly. Both have a style and both made history. They both win.