Wrecked Nissan GTR at a Drag Strip! Check it!

We all know what is the first thing that comes to our mind when we even pronounce the name of the legendary Japanese sled-rocket, the Nissan GTR is speed, car that goes unbelievably fast, ultimate drag result, etcetera. I think that we can all agree that WRECKED Nissan GTR is not on anyone`s list. It is simply one of those sports cars which are doing everything right and are working properly. I`m sure that you have all heard how someone is saying that you do not even have to be such a good driver, but you just hop into it, step on the gas pedal, and let it do what it does best. But I guess there are exceptions, even when it comes to the GTR!

And nothing and no one prove this better than the following video and the driver of this cool Nissan GTR R35 that you are about to see in just a few moments. The guy obviously got too carried away and what was suppose to be (or more precisely, what he was hoping to be) one of the best drag results in his life, turned out to be a moment that he will remember for the rest of his life, just not in a way that he wants it to.

It did not take him more than just a few seconds to completely lose a control of that awesome and fast car and to get a wrecked Nissan GTR! I mean, just watch the video and see the whole thing for yourself, and if that is not enough, and you want to compare it with another GTR wreck in the guardrail, check out this link as well.