2 000 HP Lambo Gallardo Losing Control and Ending Up In A Lake!

It is not a secret that most of us are craving to get as much as possible horse and torque power out of their vehicle, for reasons that do not need any special explanation and discussion. But it is also a well known fact (or should be, at least for some people) that too much power is not always such a smart idea, and does not always ends up with a good result. Today, thanks to the That Racing Channel (the owners of this video), we are all going to see one such an example, an ultra powerful Lamborghini Gallardo in a Half-Mile drag pass, with not a so luckily epilogue. It is a really fine and impressive 2 000 HP specimen of a Twin Turbo Lambo Gallardo, trying to achieve his best result at the WannaGoFast event, that was held at the Jumbolair Airport, down in Ocala, Florida.

This event is organized by the company with the same name, that has one simple goal – to cater the `need for speed` spirit that lives deep inside every Gearhead and sports car enthusiast in this world. So many awesome, very powerful and fast cars are gathering to showcase their speed potential in the best possible way.

But as above mentioned, things do not always end up as they were planned. The impression is that due to much more power than downforce, that great Lambo Gallardo lost control in the moments of its prime speed and started to slide to the right, out of the strip and ending up in the nearby small lake.

Things could have ended much worse, but fortunately, everything turned out for the best, and neither the driver, nor the Gallardo was seriously injured or damaged. So the event continued with the other cars, who had shown much better performance. For a more detailed look into this event, go to this link.