The LONGEST BIKE In The World Measures 117 Feet & 5 Inches!

Made in the “land of bicycles”, Netherlands, the bicycle you are about to see held the record for the longest bike in the world for several years! Now, we are going to give you a bit more information about this particular bike, and the current record holder. This 117 feet and 5 inches long bike was made by members of Mijl Van Mares Werkploeg, a Dutch cycling organization. These people set themselves a challenge to get into the Guinness World Records! And they made it! Built from a few aluminum trusses that are utilized to connect both ends and to make sure that the long frame does not sag, the longest bike in the world is operated by two people, the one up front steers and the one at the back pedals.

Despite the fact that it cannot turn in corners, according to the leader of the group Frank Pelt, it is still classified as a bicycle because it works, it has no stabilisers and has just two wheels! The Dutch cycling organization Mijl Van Mares Werkploeg, secured their place in Guinness World Records 2016, however Santos and University from South Australia stretched the Dutch record by creating a 135 feet and 10.7 inches long bike!

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