In the case you thought that The Tumbler Car is the baddest Batman monster truck that has ever felt the smell of the Gotham City`s asphalt, wait until you see the following monster in the video below that we have prepared for you today. This would be my own and personal opinion, but I think that this is by far the scariest and most powerful ride ever made for, or inspired by, the Dark Knight, Batman.

As you could have seen it on the intro photo, it is one hell of a huge and extremely powerful monster truck, with a Batmobile makeup, and everything else that makes it look like a possible Dark Knight`s ride. It is the real thing that can be used for a fight, or in a car battle, with the shady characters from the Gotham City`s underground.

However, even though the chances that we are going to see this monster in some of the following Batman films are not real, that does not mean that this ultimate bad boy is just for show. Oh, no! This Batman monster truck means business and it is very much real, so do not be surprised if it happens to come across on it at some of the monster truck jams across the US.

But first, check out the following video and see how the Batman Supercharged Monster Truck looks like in real life and enjoy that awesome jet-like roar that it produces! I think that it will be a real treat for all monster truck enthusiasts. And in a case that you are a big time Tumbler Car fan, go to this link and see what Jay Leno thinks about it.