Get To Know The 2015 ABT Audi TTS! The New Beast Can Make 370hp!

The freshly reshaped ABT Audi TTS is not just another standard TT model. It has been well adjusted to greater speed and better ride. For starters, the 2.0-litre engine develops power of 370 hp, unlike the standard 310 hp. The torque is also improved and the TTS model has a torque of 460Nm that is far better than the usual 380Nm.

ABT Audi TTS The New Beast Can Make 370hp 2

The visual appearance of the car is also slightly changed in terms of improved rear wings, wheels, rear diffuser and front bumper package. The ride is made more comfortable, as well. It has 35mm lower height in the front and 30 mm lower height in the back. Wheel spaces and sport stabilizers were also added to this fierce machine.

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ABT Audi TTS The New Beast Can Make 370hp 10