Formula Drift Course Preview At Long Beach, CA With Tyler McQuarrie! (FULL HD)

Check this amazing Formula Drift Course Preview At Long Beach, CA With Tyler McQuarrie on Full HD!

Do you own a GoPro camera? If not, you should, it is a really cool device and it does not really cost much! What we are about to show you is amazing and it includes Drifting, Tyler McQuarrie, GoPro and Chris Forsberg! They are racing while GoPRo cameras are attached on their bumpers and roofs!!! They are doing this for the Formula Drift Course Preview and we sure are grateful! As they ride they will disclose some of their driving tactics like gear changing and so on! Are you ready? Buckle up and get ready to roll with GO PRO CAMERA!!! Awesome drifting video but too short, I want more 🙂 What About You?

Enjoy the video below!

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