Tug-of-war-a struggle for supremacy or control usually involving two antagonists. The definition is spot on, except for the fact that when you watch this, you will feel like these two trucks are not antagonists, but brothers. Two brothers who fight to prove who is stronger and in control. Truly intriguing! Out on the street, you just might think that these two Ford trucks are identical. But you would be fooling yourself! You might need a Ford tug of war to determine the differences between these two.

The truck on the left takes advantage early on, so he gains the upper hand over his younger brother and fully exploits it! His younger brother does not have the time to bounce back, he is startled and fails to react properly. And the fight is over before it even began! It is a knockdown in ten seconds! The Ford on the left easily shows his supremacy, claiming an easy victory against his counterpart. You have to do this kind of arm-wrestling contests to prove your worth. Impressive Ford tug of war!

Though this might seem understandable, even normal, for many, it is quite usual for these boys! After all, boys will be boys!

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