FORD VS FORD – Diesel TRUCK vs MUSTANG! Place Your Bets!

Hey there dear friends! We have prepared a great DRAG RACE for you here today! No matter what type of person you are you will definitely enjoy it! Do you know why? Because it is always an honor to see a Ford Diesel Truck vs Ford Mustang! Pure torque, huge horsepower, American muscle… it`s all to be seen in this one clash!

On one hand, we have the Mustang. It`s all clean and neat, stylish as always, while on the other hand we have a Ford Diesel Truck, huge and powerful as it is, ready to battle! We must say you will be a little disappointed if you are a Mustang fan since the Diesel Truck really showed its performance at its finest! After starting a few seconds later than the Mustang, it easily catches up and wins the race! This great win caused HUGE rounds of applauses and standing ovations! It really is a big thing to win in such way especially if someone considers you as an underdog! If you want to finally see this race instead of reading this text, help yourself by clicking on the video bellow, sit back comfortably and enjoy!

At last, these are the fastest diesels on the planet!