FORD RANGER Leaves Everyone In Awe Doing A Reverse BURNOUT!

You only make fuss about great things. This is certainly one of them. It is a FORD RANGER doing a reverse burnout and it is truly an impressive sight.

You can see that the crowd was not expecting something like this to happen as they casually watched the Ranger prepare for the burnout. But what followed next must have taken their breath away. In a matter of seconds this lifted Ford Ranger managed to create such a big cloud of smoke behind that you cannot see anything behind it. You have to imagine how many jaws dropped from this exciting event!

And what about the guy in the truck? In order to produce such skills you have to be very composed and focused on what you are doing, especially bearing in mind that the crowd is very near and something could go wrong easily. Of course, nothing of the sort happened here and you have to admire this guy`s control.

He managed to put on a great show for everyone and on top of that, no one got hurt. So kudos to you, sir, for showing your impressive skills and leaving everyone on the place and us in awe!

Finally, follow this link to watch the stunning burnout of a Toyota Hilux truck!