Quality Highway Racing! Ford GT vs Lamborghini Murcielago On The Open Road!

We can all agree that racing is AWESOME! For today, we decided to treat you with an amazing racing video ON THE OPEN ROAD! The video showcases some great highway racing between a Ford GT With Racing Exhaust vs Lamborghini Murcielago With Tubi Exhaust! Although we definitely do not support highway racing among a lot of traffic, we still have to admit that this is one AMAZING RACE! Watching two great cars racing each other always gives us an adrenaline rush! Such is the case with the video we are sharing with you guys today.

We have presented you many videos from racing cars running on the open road during the day, as well as races on the highway. So what`s the point here? The point is that in the first category, when we show you a video of cars on the freeway in broad daylight, they are not racing or are racing in a controlled environment. And in the second, the races that occur during at night, when the traffic is relatively low. What we are trying to say, although we are showing you this video, is that what these guys are doing could be life threatening. We don`t want to be party poopers but safety is always #1. Drive responsibly. With that being said, we can now focus on some quality highway racing! Many of us do this in video games, but seeing the real deal is definitely different! Nonetheless, we still think these kinds of races are really nice, but only if other people are not in jeopardy! Luckily, no one was hurt in this video, but many were surprised! Anyway, do you think that the Ford GT is by far the best American Supercar in history?!

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